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Merry Heart Children's Camp 

Each year, 1 out of 125 children are born with congenital heart disease in Oregon, Washington and Idaho. And just like other kids, they're going to need a little getaway, a place to grow and learn and make new friends. We've created a place where their scars won't matter. A place with big trees, big views and lots of heart.

Children with heart conditions often have physical limitations. They might also be limited by concerns about their heart, physical activities, medical safety and their scars.  This year, with a crew of caring volunteers, Merry Heart hopes for heart patients to have the ultimate summer experience in a safe environment.  With a pediatric cardiologist and two cardiac nurses on duty at all times, parents can rest assured that their child is in a safe, nurturing place.

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Healthy Women Healthy World

A Pacific NW based, volunteer-led initiative of Medical Teams International, Healthy Women Healthy World serves to advocate, empower, and provide life-saving care to women in need around the globe. Theyir efforts and actions help mobilize women to be champions for global health issues that impact women & their children.

Experience shows that if you provide something for a mother – food, medicine, and knowledge – she almost always puts it to work to benefit her family. Learning more about the challenges faced by women living in extreme poverty around the globe is the first step to making a difference. 

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Returning Veterans Project 

A Portland-based nonprofit organization serving veterans in need, the Returning Veterans Project (RVP) supports the healing and health of our veterans and military community.


By connecting post-9/11 war zone veterans, service members, and their families with free, confidential mental and physical health services, their efforts help fill in the gaps when the regular system lets them down. Far too many of our own Pacific NW veterans and their families are allowed to fall through the cracks... and RVP is there to catch them. Clients can use their online directory to access individualized care from a network of highly-qualified volunteer providers, without any fees or strings attached. Since their founding in 2005, RVP has been fighting to remove the barriers to mental and physical health services so that those we serve can have free, confidential access to the care they need.


Oregon Wild 

Founded in 1974, Oregon Wild (formerly the Oregon Natural Resources Council or ONRC) has been instrumental in securing permanent legislative protection for some of Oregon's most precious landscapes, including nearly 1.7 million acres of wilderness, 95,000 acres of forests in Bull Run/Little Sandy watersheds (to safeguard the quality of Portland's water supply) and almost 1,800 miles of wild & scenic rivers.

Our wildernessold-growth forest and clean rivers/watersheds programs protect pristine drinking water, unparalleled recreation opportunities and fish and wildlife habitat across Oregon. With a staff of 16, including regional coordinators, Oregon Wild's strength is its active grassroots citizen network. Through the power of 3,000 members, over 20,000 e-mail activists and dozens of active volunteers, Oregon Wild works to maintain environmental laws, while building broad community support for our campaigns.

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