Riddy Arman


“The resolve in Arman’s vocals recalls icons like Johnny Cash or Dolly Parton—both strong songwriters who were able to distill a sense of melancholy, romance, and sincerity in the necessary hurt of being human.” - FLOOD MAGAZINE

“When you know, you know. In a genre that places so much emphasis on authenticity — and all the fraught debates that brings — when you hear Riddy Arman’s life-weary voice, you know she’s the real deal.” - NO DEPRESSION

“Riddy Arman evokes the late, great Glen Campbell with ‘Too Late to Write a Love Song’...The music swells around her with grandeur, and a chorus of voices backs her up, but Arman cuts through it all with the lonesome tear in her voice.” - ROLLING STONE

Possessed By Paul James

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"Steal yourself for the roller coaster of emotional moments and life-altering epiphanies that often accompany any foray into a recorded effort or live performance by the one man musical marvel known by the name Possessed by Paul James. Often referred to as more of a spiritual or religious experience as opposed to simple a musical presentation, you leave the company of the expressions of Possessed by Paul James a changed person, cleansed and recharged to meet the challenges of life, both personal and external... Seeing him live will always be the most advantageous environment to revel in the infectious and other-worldly sway of his music and performance, where you see the sweat pouring from his brow, and behold the way the man channels emotions and energies into the human vessel in a way that most of us are too afraid or inhibited to attempt... the world needs more Possessed by Paul James."


  - Trigger Coroneos,

Outer Orbit


Outer Orbit is a funk soul collective led by Galen Clark (Trio Subtonic) and fronted by vocalist Sarah Clarke (Dirty Revival). The band features an all star lineup of Tyrone Hendrix (Prince), Damian Erskine (Skerik Band), Peter Knudsen (Ghost-note) and Mike Elson (Swatkins) and works with a variety of special guests including Saeeda Wright, Brian Foxworth, LaRhonda Steele, Jimmy Russell and Arietta Ward. Outer Orbit brings original burning soul and pocket heavy funk while drawing on a range of influences from Sly Stone and The Meters to Aretha Franklin and Emily King.

The Horsenecks


“…one of the most beautiful old-time roots albums of 2021…the real draw is just how beautifully each of these musicians play individually and how tightly they play together. There’s no faking this music, though plenty have tried, and The Horsenecks remain true to the tradition while making it sound fresh and vibrant.”

- Devon Léger, Folk Alley

“ …the unrepentant revivalists aren’t shy about showing off their inventive chops. Wild fiddle forays from Gabrielle Macrae, the yin to Southern’s banjo-rolling yang, excitedly whittle and saw each of those tracks into wordless piles of dust…etched with achingly beautiful vocal harmonies, well-plucked acoustic guitar and romantic adventure…”

-Peter Lindblad, Elmore Magazine

“…Apart from the faultless musicianship, this work oozes an integrity and respect for the tradition that continues to underpin their work. The Horsenecks sought inspiration from a wide range of material, and this has lead to a unique and highly entertaining musical project. Unlike many contemporary offering which straddle fiercely defended genres, the clarity and honesty of interpretation manages to fuse the varying material into a pleasing whole. My lasting impression is that they are deeply connected to everything they play and that there are just enough notes: none are superfluous, none are missing- they all count…”

-Robin Jennings, Old Time News

Band of Comerados


Since 2015 and extending far into the future, Band of Comerados plays music that makes you feel good. Call it bluegrass, jamgrass, folk, or indie, what sets the band apart is their intricate instrumentation, dual vocal parts, intense improvisational jams, and the fact that these guys have so much damn fun when they’re playing live music! 


From their inception around campfire jams, Band of Comerados has come a long way. Earning their stripes at dive bars, breweries, block parties, and house concerts in their hometown of Portland, Oregon, the band began to get a foothold in some of the city’s finest venues, like Laurelthirst, White Eagle, Goodfoot, Aladdin Theatre, Wonder Ballroom, Mississippi Studios and more. Expanding their fanbase, they traveled up and down the west coast from Southern California to Northern Washington, and east through Idaho, Utah, and Arizona. Festival appearances include What the Festival!?, Beltane Music Festival, 4 Peaks Music Festival, Northwest String Summit, Gem & Jam, and more.